Wavin SMM

Focusing on Local Plumbing & Drainage Problems

Wavin India, a leading provider of plumbing and drainage solutions, recognized the need to connect with their audience on a localized level. They aimed to create a social media campaign that would not only highlight the common plumbing and drainage challenges faced by different states but also position Wavin’s products as the optimal solution. The campaign was designed to educate, engage, and drive sales queries while showcasing Wavin’s expertise and commitment to solving these issues.


Research and Analysis: Extensive research was done to understand the specific plumbing and drainage challenges faced by different states. This involved studying local plumbing practices, environmental factors, and common issues like waterlogging, leakages, and sewage blockages.

Content Localization: The campaign’s core strategy was to tailor content for each state, addressing their unique challenges. Engaging visuals, relatable scenarios were used to resonate with local audiences.

Problem-Solution Approach:

Each campaign post focused on one particular plumbing or drainage problem prevalent in a specific state. The problem was highlighted through relatable anecdotes or statistics, creating an emotional connection with the audience. This was followed by introducing Wavin’s relevant product or solution that could effectively address the issue.

with these experts to directly address audience queries and offer real-time solutions.

The localized plumbing and drainage solutions campaign by Wavin India achieved remarkable success:

– Increased Engagement: The campaign witnessed a substantial increase in likes, comments, shares, and overall engagement across all social media platforms.

– Higher Reach: Highlighting specific problems and relatable content significantly expanded the campaign’s reach, engaging audiences who previously felt disconnected.

– Sales Query Uplift: As a direct result of the campaign, there was a notable rise in sales inquiries related to Wavin’s products and solutions.

– Brand Trust and Awareness: Wavin India positioned itself as an authority in plumbing and drainage solutions, building trust and awareness among the target audience.